Seminar on Childhood and Youth Culture on YouTube – Københavns Universitet

Seminar on Childhood and Youth Culture on YouTube

At this seminar, we have gathered researchers from media studies, childhood studies and youth studies who address children and youth culture on YouTube as their object of study. We will identify key areas and trends in the current research on the subject in order to seek out possible ground for further collaboration.

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10.30: Coffee, registration

11.00: Welcome

11.15: Keynote: Björn Sjöblom, Stockholm University:
Working the crowd: Playing games for an online audience.
In this presentation, I will discuss some ways in which gaming youtubers and streamers adress their audiences. Using examples from both young and adult players, I will talk about how they engage in skilled integration of a multitude of interactional resources in order to put on engaging and exciting performances. Ranging from subtle camera movements, to extravagant displays of showmanship, interaction with online audiences forms a core part of videomediated digital gaming.

12.15: Lunch

12.45: Presentations (20 min. presentations, 15 min. discussion)

12.45-13.20: Ana Jorge, Lidia Maropo, Renata Tomaz (via Skype):
You(ng)tubers: participation and consumption among child and teen celebrities on YouTube in Portuguese language

13.20-13.55: Maria Murumaa-Mengel & Andra Siibak: A Multifaceted Exploration of Young Microcelebrities and Their Audiences

13.55-14.30: Christoffer Bagger: Young YouTubers - Gaming Grandparents: A Case study of Intergenerational Interactions on YouTube

14.30-15.00: Pause

15.00-15.35: Stine Liv Johansen: Play and Paychecks – young children as YouTube celebrities

15.35-16.10: Zoe Glatt: How do professional and semi-professional YouTubers cultivate and navigate affective, cultural and financial capital as they carve out careers on the platform and beyond?

16.10-16.45: Charlotte Blanche Myrvold: Art dissemination through YouTube

16.45-17.00: Final remarks