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Students from MCC wins international case competition

Three Cognition and Communication students Michael C. Hageman, Cecilia Maria Mandrup and Tess Lankhuizen, from the department of Media, Cognition and Communication won the ComCaseCompetition 2017.

(All pictures by Stephanie Stål / ComCaseCompetition)

The three team members (joined by fourth team member, Laura Ivanoff from ITU) came up with a brilliant solution for Novozymes challenge "How can Novozymes use social and mobile platforms to engage millennials in supporting biology-based answers to the world's problems?" By focusing on 'citizen science' and 'gamification' they ended up with the winning case and received a price of 25.000 DKK.

ComCaseCompetition (CCC) is the leading international case competition for graduate students within the field of communication.

The set-up of the competition is that six teams from around the world with a maximum of five students in each is chosen from a large amount of applicants to find solutions to a real international communication case within 24 hours.
The finalists gets to present their solutions to the jury and to an audience.

- For our solution, we wanted to go beyond simply raising awareness about Novozymes and its enzyme-based biotech solutions, and tried to find a way to have millennials truly participate in the biological revolution Novozymes believes is pending.
With this goal in mind, we thought to gamify enzyme reactions through a 3D puzzle game. Thus, millennials can help Novozymes solve real ecological issues as citizen scientists by playing an entertaining game.
Tess Lankhuizen, CCC winner 2017

ComCaseCompetion (CCC) is a perfect opportunity for students to train and demonstrate their communicative skills to potential employers as well as it helps expand their network of students and professionals in the communication industry.