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Paisley Nathan Livingston

Paisley Nathan Livingston


Min forskning omhandler aestetik. For en oversigt se min profil paa

Aktuel forskning


2017-2018              Lektor (part-time), Philosophy, The University of Copenhagen           

2017-2018              Guest Professor, Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University

2017--                    Emeritus Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University

2007-2017              Chair Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University 

2010-2015              Head of Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University

2008-2010              Academic Dean, Faculty of Arts, Lingnan University

2004 August--         Full Professor (with tenure), Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University 

2003- August          Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lingnan University

2003 Feb.-June        Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, HKU

2000-2004              Lektor, Department of Philosophy, The University of Copenhagen

1998-2000              Lektor, Philosophy, Aarhus University

1997 Feb.-Dec.        Lektorvikar (visiting Associate Professor), Philosophy, Roskilde UC           

1996 Jan.-Sept.       Invited Research Fellow, Kyoto University, Japan

1994-1997              Associate Member of Philosophy Department, McGill University

1992  May-July        Guest Professor, Humanities Institute, Siegen University

1991-1997              Full Professor, Graduate Programme in Communications, McGill University

1988-1989              Chercheur étranger, CREA, l'Ecole Polytechnique, Paris

1985                      Associate Professor with tenure, McGill University

1981-1985             Assistant Professor, McGill University  



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 Selected articles, chapters, entries (since 2000):

‘Lange vs James on emotion, passion, and the arts’ (in preparation)

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