Afholdte arrangementer i 2012 – Københavns Universitet

Associate Professor Leo Catana: Nordeuropa mellem 1690 og 1750: Den filosofiske, teologiske og medicinske reception af Ficinos platonisme

17. december 2012 kl. 12.15

Associate Professor Leo Catana, University of Copenhagen. For his research, please see
The lecture celebrates the publication of Marsilio Ficino, Kommentar til Platons ‘Symposion’, eller ‘Om eros’, Danish translation, introduction and notes by L. Catana. Museum Tusculanums Forlag: Copenhagen, 2012. (Platonselskabets skriftserie.) The paper is held on December 17 in lecture room 14.2.50 at 12.15-2.00 PM.
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Workshop: Democratizing Science

14. december 2012 kl. 9:00

Workshop is the democratization of science and the social sciences in particular. Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: Parallel Society, Social Cohesion and Urban Policies - Promoting Cohesion in a Copenhagen Neighborhood

14. december 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with PhD student at CESEM Mikaela Freiesleben and post.doc Kristina who will present their recent research within the research project SOCED. Læs mere

On the Road to Nowhere?

13. december 2012

PhD Course on nationalism and multiculturalism Læs mere

CESEM Workshop : Multiculturalism - where is it heading?

07. december 2012 kl. TBA

CESEM organizes a one day workshop on the state of the art of multiculturalism. The speakers include Elisabetta Galeotti (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale) and Andrew Shorten (University of Limerick). Læs mere

The Future of European Studies

06. december 2012 kl. 10:30

Workshop on the future themes, theories and methods of European studies. As well as the future research agenda of CEMES. Læs mere

Konference om biologi og humaniora

06. december 2012 kl. 10:00

Program for konferencen om biologi og humaniora/The program for the conference on biology and the humanities 6-7th December, The University of Copenhagen, Amager (KUA). Læs mere

Migration, Memory and Place

06. december 2012

International interdisciplinary conference 6th and 7th December 2012 Læs mere

Group meeting: Presentation by Inge Ejby Sørensen: Channels as Content Curators - Multiplatform strategies for documentary film and factual content in British PSB broadcasting

05. december 2012 kl. 9.00

Today, VOD services and portals specializing in streaming long-form documentary and factual content are proliferating online. To compete, established TV broadcasters are consolidating their web presences and increasing documentary output across media platforms. This paper will explore the strategies the two publically owned British TV broadcasters, the BBC and Channel 4, employ as the seek to reinvent themselves as public service media providers, in order to secure and bolster their positio...
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Dr. Brian Prince: Plato on Body and Soul

03. december 2012 kl. 14.15

Plato on Body and Soul
Dr Brian Prince is a post doc fellow at the project Power structuralism in ancient ontologies, Division of Philosophy, Oxford University.
For the project and his contribution, please see
The paper is held on December 3 in lecture room 14.2.50 at 2.15-4.00 PM.
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Final Honorary Lecture: Pr. Dr. Michael Zürn

29. november 2012 kl. 13:15

Final lecture in the EURECO Distinguished Lecture Series 2012.
Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn:“Challenges for Democratic Legitimacy” Læs mere

CESEM PhD course: "Equality of Opportunity and Social Reality"

29. november 2012

CESEM organizes a PhD course in collaboration with the PhD program of Philosophy at University of Copenhagen. Little attention has been paid to what theories of equality of opportunity imply with respect to the effects of real-life processes of socialization. This is the focus of this PhD course. Læs mere

Foredrag i Retorikforeningen v/ Anders Greis

28. november 2012 kl. 17:00

"Gode sange skriver ikke sig selv: Et retorikfagligt blik på kreativ ideudvikling."- Foredrag i Retorikforeningen v/ Anders Greis d. 28. november 2012. Læs mere

CFS Lecture by Ingolf Dalferth: "Situated Selves in 'Webs of Interlocution': What Can We Learn from Grammar?"

28. november 2012 kl. 14.15

Lecture by Ingolf Dalferth, Institut für Hermeneutik und Religionsphilosophie, Universität Zürich. Læs mere

CFS Lecture by Nicolas de Warren: "From the Illusion of Immanence to the Immanence of Illusion"

27. november 2012 kl. 13.15

Lecture by Nicolas de Warren, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Læs mere

CESEM seminar: "Obesity and responsibility" and "The Principle of Internalization of Externalities"

23. november 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with PhD student Martin Marchman Andersen (CESEM, University of Copenhagen) and Associate Research Professor Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen (CESEM, University of Copenhagen), Post.doc Xavier Landes (CESEM, University of Copenhagen) and Professor Pierre-Yves Néron (Université Catholique de Lille). Læs mere

Lighed gennem særbehandling

22. november 2012 kl. kl. 13.00 præcis

Ph.d. forsvar Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen Læs mere

PhD Defence: "Equality through special treatment?"

22. november 2012 kl. 1pm (exactly)

PhD student at CESEM Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen defends her PhD "Equality through special treatment?" Læs mere

Seminar: New business models for the news industry

20. november 2012 kl. 13.00

For several years, the traditional business models of news organizations have been under pressure; news organizations’ earnings from advertising or subscription have decreased as a lot of the public’s news consumption has moved from print to online sources, and the financial crisis has weakened revenue possibilities further. As such, news organizations have had to rethink their business models, and their conclusions and strategies for monetizing the online audience vary. Even so, it ...
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CESEM seminar: "Facing the Camera and Seeing Black": photography, identity and everyday life in a British inner city'

16. november 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Kieran Connell (Birmingham University). In the context of near-continual panic about multiculture across Europe, the paper Connell will present seeks to show how photography can forward - albeit problematically - ordinary, everyday, even banal stories in diverse areas. Læs mere

Author Meets Critics

14. november 2012 kl. 16:30

Debate on the book The Political History of European Integration: The Hypocrisy of Democracy-Through-Market by Bo Stråth and Hagen Schulz-Forberg. Læs mere

Realistic Horror: Film Noir and the 1940s Horror Cycle

13. november 2012 kl. 14

Gæsteforelæsning ved professor Mark Jancovich, University of East Anglia Læs mere

Media, Food and Identity

13. november 2012

International symposium at the University of Copenhagen the 13th and 14th of November 2012. Læs mere

Obama og Romney – en duel på fortællinger?

12. november 2012 kl. 17.00

Retorikforeningen er klar med dette efterårs næste arrangement Læs mere

CFS Lecture by Udo Thiel: "Hume on Consciousness and the Self "

12. november 2012 kl. 15.15

Lecture by Udo Thiel, Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, Austria Læs mere

CESEM Workshop on Republicanism

08. november 2012 kl. 9am

CESEM organizes a two-day workshop in collaboration with the French Embassy in Denmark on republicanism. Læs mere

CFS Lecture by Ian Apperly: "When and how do we mindread?"

08. november 2012 kl. 14:00

Lecture by Ian Apperly, Professor of Cognition and Development, University of Birmingham. Læs mere

New Media and the Public Sphere

08. november 2012

International conference on the 8th and 9th of November 2012 Læs mere

Eureco Distinguished Lectue: Niklas Olsen

06. november 2012 kl. 15:00

The Crisis of European Liberalism: Past and Present Læs mere

Individualism, Holism, Explanation, and Emergence

02. november 2012 kl. 9.00

Workshop: Individualism, Holism, Explanation, and Emergence Læs mere

Guest lectures in Ex-Yugoslavia network

02. november 2012 kl. 11:15

Prof. dr. Dubravka Stojanović 
and Dr. Bojan Aleksov Læs mere

“Seeing the Stranger in the Mirror: Everyday Life in Magnum’s Public World.”

01. november 2012 kl. 10

Robert Hariman: “Seeing the Stranger in the Mirror: Everyday Life in Magnum’s Public World.”
Forelæsningen fokuserer på fotografi og sociale relationer i den offentlige sfære og baserer sig på Harimans studier af Magnum fotoarkivet.
Ingen tilmelding nødvendig.
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Workshop: Teaching Media Industry Studies

23. oktober 2012 kl. 9,00

The workshop on how to teach media industry studies is based on presentations by a selection of teachers from the US, the UK, and Denmark. The aim of the workshop is to discuss best practice in relation to curriculums, teaching practice, supervising, student assignments, and internships. The various presentations will be followed by group discussions on how to best organize a new MA course at the University of Copenhagen for 2014.
Keynote by Associate Professor Amanda Lotz, co-author of the book ...
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EURECO Distinguished Lecture: Mikael Rask Madsen

23. oktober 2012 kl. 15:00

International Courts and New World Order: The Case of European Courts Læs mere

Open lecture by associate professor Amanda Lotz, University of Michigan

22. oktober 2012 kl. 10.15

Amanda D. Lotz is an associate professor of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. She is the author of The Television Will Be Revolutionized (New York University Press, 2007) and Redesigning Women: Television After the Network Era (University of Illinois Press, 2006), and editor of Beyond Prime Time: Television Programming in the Post-Network Era (Routledge, 2009). She is co-author, with Timothy Havens, of Understanding Media Industries (Oxford University Press, 2011) and, with Jonathan Gray, of ...
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CESEM seminar: "Discrimination and Insurance"

19. oktober 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with CESEM co-director professor Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (CESEM, Århus University), Axel Gosseries (Louvain University) and Xavier Landes (CESEM, University of Copenhagen) on the moral problems concerning discrimination and insurance. Læs mere

Empathy in context

11. oktober 2012

Participants include Shaun Gallagher, Karsten Stueber, Shihui Han, Alessandro Duranti, Jason Throop, Claus Lamm, Andreas Roepstorff, Tobias Schlicht, Joel Krueger, Søren Overgaard, and Dan Zahavi. See programme Læs mere

Transnational perspectives on the history of Nordic Education

10. oktober 2012 kl. 9.15

Education is often articulated as a central answer to challenges facing the nation states in a globalized world. At present, reforms of the Danish educational system is developed under the title of a New Nordic School: A school allegedly building on the core values of the Nordic welfare states, on a common body of Nordic pedagogic traditions and with regard to the specific Nordic history and culture. Thus, the idea of a New Nordic School is to reinvent these values and traditions in face of the ...
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EURECO Distinguished Lecture: Malene Wind

09. oktober 2012 kl. 15:00

A German Europe? Understanding the Politics of the European Debt Crisis Læs mere

Seminar on ex-Yugoslavia

08. oktober 2012 kl. 15:00

Selma Porobić, Director of the newly established Centre for Refugee and IDP Studies (CESI), is going to address the challenges and perspectives of the establishment and development of the Centre in the context of today's post-war Bosnian society with reflection on the past and present of forced displacement in the region and the future prospects of the Centre's work, its goals and mission. Læs mere

CESEM Book Symposium with Iwao Hirose (Mcgill University)

05. oktober 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a one-day book symposium with Iwao Hirose visiting from Mcgill Univeristy, Canada. Læs mere

Uskyld og autoritet

04. oktober 2012 kl. 15.00

En kritisk reevaluering af etisk teori - forelæsning af Anne-Marie Christensen Søndergaard Læs mere

Danmark og Tyskland: Partnere i Europa

03. oktober 2012 kl. 17:00

I anledning af dagen for den tyske genforening inviterer Den Tyske Ambassade i København, Dansk-Tysk Industri- & Handelsklub, Dansk-Tysk Selskab og Center for Europæisk Politik på Københavns Universitet til en paneldebat om „Danmark og Tyskland: Partnere i Europa“ med Marc-Christoph Wagner, Nordeuropa-korrespondent for tysk tv og radio, som ordstyrer.
Paneldeltagerne er:
Michael Zenner, Tysklands ambassadør
Bertel Haarder, folketingets 1. næstformand (V)...
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EURECO Distinguished Lecture: Peter Pagh

02. oktober 2012 kl. 15:00

European Environmental Law: Between Commerce and Ecology Læs mere

Begejstringssprog - og andre dialekter i professionelt anmelderi

27. september 2012 kl. 17.00

Foredrag ved Anne Middelboe Christensen Læs mere

Perspektiver på kulturens medialisering

27. september 2012 kl. 13.00

Seminar for alle studerende: Kom og hør om medier og livsstil, vampyrer, politiske tv-debatter og celibrificering. Få inspiration til opgaver og speciale – eller kom blot for at blive klogere! Læs mere

Two talks on Perception - A mini-workshop

27. september 2012 kl. 10:15

Prior registration is not required.
The conference is free and open to all, including students. 
Organizer: Rasmus Thybo Jensen ( Læs mere

Assistant Professor James Snyder: Marsilio Ficino on Natural Philosophy as Purification

25. september 2012 kl. 13.00

James Snyder is Assistant Professor at The Marist College, New York. His publications include: ‘Marsilio Ficino’s Critique of the Lucretian Alternative’, in Journal of the History of Ideas 72 (2011); ‘The Theory of materia prima in Marsilio Ficino’s Platonic Theology’, in Vivarium 46 (2008). For more information about his work, please see:

His lecture is held on September 25 in lecture room 14.2.50 at 13:00-15:00....
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Disjunctivism in Action - A Workshop

25. september 2012

To participate please contact Rasmus Thybo Jensen (
Space is limited so please sign up as soon as possible. Læs mere

CEMES-Debat/Golden Days: Europa Undercover

21. september 2012 kl. 13:00

Konfliktlinjer: den kolde krig og efterretningstjenester. 
I samarbejde med SAXO og Det Humanistiske Fakultetsbibliotek bidrager CEMES med to indlæg til dette års Golden Days festival som i år handler om 1950'erne.
I det andet arrangement den 21.09.13 deltager CEMES-forskere i en paneldiskussion med følgende indlæg:
 Ph.d. stipendiat Dino Knudsen, SAXO, belyser gråzonen mellem efterretningstjeneste og civilsamfund. - Hvordan den danske socialdemokra...
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CESEM seminar: "Shedding light on the ERPUM project: Controversies with the European plans to administratively deport rejected asylum children to Afghanistan" and "What is (un)problematic about religious establishment? Alienation and symbolic equality"

21. september 2012 kl. 10.15am

CESEM organizes a seminar with Martin Lemberg-Pedersen (CESEM, University of Copenhagen) and Sune Lægaard (CESEM, Roskilde University) Læs mere

Uriah Kriegel: "Beyond the Neural Correlates of Consciousness"

19. september 2012 kl. 14.15

Lecture by Uriah Kriegel, Department of Philosophy, University of Arizona, USA Læs mere

EURECO Distinguished Lecture: Mogens Pelt

18. september 2012 kl. 15:00

The Weak Greek State and the History of Greek-German Relations in the Post-War Period Læs mere

Viden, medier og ytringsfrihed i et liberalt demokrati

13. september 2012 kl. 9.00

Vi har ytringsfrihed, frie medier, debat og forskning i Danmark. Men det er ikke sikkert,
at de altid er til samfundets bedste Læs mere

Jonathan Cole: "Cerebral palsy; restrictions on intention and action, language and thought"

13. september 2012 kl. 10.15

Lecture by Jonathan Cole, Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology, Poole Hospital. Visiting Professor, University of Bournemouth. Læs mere

EURECO Distinguished Lecture: Rebecca Adler-Nissen

11. september 2012 kl. 15:00

Two-Speed Europe: The Euro Crisis and the Future of the European Integration Project Læs mere

CEMES-Debat/Golden Days: Det folkelige og det farlige

07. september 2012 kl. 12:00

I samarbejde med SAXO og Det Humanistiske Fakultetsbibliotek bidrager CEMES med to indlæg til dette års Golden Days festival som i år handler om 1950'erne.
I dette første af to arrangementer deltager Professor Ib Bondebjerg i en paneldiskussion om 50'ernes klædedragt og film. 
Læs mere

Group meeting (Cretive Media Industries)

05. september 2012 kl. 9.00

Introduction to the planned activities in the fall of 2012 and to the ideas for the spring of 2013. Læs mere

Joel Smith: "Visual presence and the look of happiness."

04. september 2012 kl. 15.15

Lecture by Joel Smith, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester, UK. Læs mere

CESEM seminar: Is There Really a Backlash Against Multiculturalism Policies?

31. august 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes seminar with prof. Keith Banting Læs mere

Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind 2012

06. august 2012

Place: Copenhagen University, Njalsgade 134, Aud. 22.0.11, 2300 Copenhagen S. Læs mere

FESTSYMPOSIUM - i anledning af Anne Jerslevs 60-års fødselsdag

22. juni 2012 kl. 13.00

Program: (se også plakat)
Velkomst ved Maja Horst, institutleder Institut for Medier, Erkendelse og Formidling, Københavns Universitet

Anne Jerslev, professor og fødselar, Institut for Medier, Erkendelse og Formidling, Københavns Universitet: David Lynch – i mine øjne

Kirsten Drotner, professor, Institut for Litteratur, Kultur og Medier, Syddansk Universitet: ...

Læs mere

Louis Sass: "Surface and Depth: On the Nature and Necessity of Phenomenology"

20. juni 2012 kl. 13.15

Lecture by Louis Sass, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers, USA.
More info to follow. Læs mere

Film and Risk

13. juni 2012 kl. 13:00

International seminar on the 13th of June 2012 Læs mere

Film & Risk

13. juni 2012 kl. 13.00

International Seminar Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: "Self-Ownership and the Conflation Problem"

01. juni 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Professor David Sobel (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) on interpretations of rights of self-ownership.

Læs mere

Vittorio Gallese: "Embodied simulation: From neurons to bodily selves"

30. maj 2012 kl. 13.15

Lecture by Vittorio Gallese, Department of Neuroscience, University of Parma, Italy

Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: Towards a theory of cultural evaluation

29. maj 2012 kl. 2.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Matthew Johnson (University of York) on development of a perfectionist theory of cultural evaluation.


Læs mere

Seminar on publications of modern writers

25. maj 2012 kl. 9.15

The semiar debates issues relating to textcritical and commenting publications of modern litterature. (In Danish)

Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: "How Fair Actuarial Fairness Is? The Case of Public Insurance" and ”An Ethical Discussion of Philosophical Discrimination Theory”

25. maj 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Postdoc at CESEM Xavier Landes and Amalie Frese (assistant at CESEM and master student at Philosophy) who will present their work on respectively fairness in public insurance and discrimination.

Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: ”B/ordering Illegality in Denmark”

11. maj 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Martin Lemberg-Pedersen (CESEM, University of Copenhagen) who will present recent research on border illegality. Læs mere

Danish Science, Universities and the Challenge from Nazism 1933-1945

10. maj 2012 kl. 13:00

Conference on how science, researcers and Danish Universities included and reacted to the challenges of Nazism and Nazi science. Læs mere

The Parent App: Understanding Families in the Digital Age

10. maj 2012 kl. 10.15

Guest lecture by Lynn Schofield Clark, University of Denver Læs mere

Heidi Maibom: "Unimaginable!"

08. maj 2012 kl. 13:15

Lecture by Heidi Maibom, Department of Philosophy, Carleton University, Canada.
The lecture is open to all, including students. Welcome! Læs mere

CEMES-EURECO symposium: Cosmopolitanism contested

03. maj 2012 kl. 14:00

This symposium seeks responses from critical social theory on cosmopolitanism in light of the current challenges to European democracy. It invites leading North American scholars to enter a debate with their European colleagues on the future prospects of cosmopolitanism in Europe and the world.

Læs mere

The Textual Genealogy: Defending Internationalism in Literary Interpretation

02. maj 2012 kl. 13.00 præcis

Offentligt forsvar for ph.d.-afhandling: Martin Soelmark Læs mere

PhD course: Cosmopolitanism in Europe. Idea and Reality.

02. maj 2012

The PhD course critically revises cosmopolitan thinking. It offers students a double focus on cosmopolitan visions and cosmopolitan realism. This includes lectures on the history of ideas and critical social theory of cosmopolitanism as well as on the application of cosmopolitan perspectives in contemporary European politics, culture and society. Læs mere

Heidegger and Protestant theology

01. maj 2012 kl. 15.00

Heidegger and Protestant theology Læs mere

French Intellectuals and the Chinese Cultural Revolution

01. maj 2012 kl. 11:00

French Intellectuals and the Chinese Cultural Revolution Læs mere

László Tengelyi: "On Merleau-Ponty's Debate with Sartre's Phenomenological Metaphysics"

27. april 2012 kl. 11.00

Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: Identitity traps and balance-keepers - ethnic minority boys in the Danish Public School (n Danish)

27. april 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Laura Gilliam (Department for Education, Aarhus University) on ethnic minority boys in the Danish public schools (the seminar will be held in Danish).

Læs mere

László Tengelyi: "Agonistic World Projects: Transcendentalism versus Naturalism"

26. april 2012 kl. 14.15

Lecture by László Tengelyi, Philosophisches Seminar, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany. Læs mere

Guest lecture by Karl Heinz Bohrer

25. april 2012 kl. 11:15

Dionysos - an Aesthetics of Appearance. Antique Mythology and Modern Poetry Læs mere

TALK: Kevin T. Kelly and Hanti Lin: Ockham's Razors

24. april 2012 kl. 11.00

TALK: Kevin T. Kelly and Hanti Lin: Ockham's Razors
Ockham's Razors

Kevin T. Kelly and Hanti Lin
Carnegie Mellon University

Ockham's razor is perhaps the most characteristic principle of
scientific theory choice.  Ever since the principle played a major role
in the Copernican revolution, it has occasioned two perennial
 (1) what is empirical simplicity? and (2) why should someone
interested in finding true theories favor simpler theories?   We propose
new, logical answers.   We explicate simplicity in terms of the logical ...
Læs mere

Wicked Angels, Adorable Vampires!

19. april 2012 kl. kl. 13.00 præcis

Religion, amerikanske serier og danske teenagere. Ph.d. forsvar v. Line Nybro Petersen Læs mere

Workshop: "Empathy"

18. april 2012

Workshop on empathy
Participation is for center staff only

Læs mere

Karrieredag 2012

18. april 2012

Studievejlederne på MEF vil gerne invitere til Karrieredag 2012. 

Karrieredagen er en dag, hvor du kan komme forbi en masse workshops og få inspiration og hjælp til din kommende karriere. 

Læs mere

Motor representation and goal ascription: Seeing with the hands?

17. april 2012 kl. 17.00

Corrado Sinigaglia visits Denmark and has agreed to present his work titled:
"Motor representation and goal ascription: Seeing with the hands?"

For more information please visit:

Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: “Agents of change: The "doing" of multicultural education in the Israeli context”

03. april 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Prof. Yehuda Bar-Shalom (The David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem) on education and multiculturalism. Læs mere

Trust and Ethical Selfhood

30. marts 2012 kl. 13:15

Public Defence of Gry Ardal Printzlau's PhD Thesis. Læs mere

New Documentary Formats

30. marts 2012 kl. 13.00

Seminar with John Corner, Anne Jerslev and Anne Mette Thorhauge. Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: “Danish Multiculturalism? A theoretical discussion”

26. marts 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with CESEM affiliated researcher Sune Lægaard (RUC) who will present recent research on Danish Multiculturalism.

Læs mere

Student conference at The University of Florence

26. marts 2012 kl. 08:00

CEMES is looking for two students to participate in the conference "THE EU AND THE WORLD: NEW CHALLENGES AND TRENDS - Twenty-seven ideas from the Erasmus generation". The conference brings together students from all over Europe to present
specific proposals and discuss their views on the European integration process with
representatives of EU institutions. Each national team of two students is asked to produce a short document to be presented and discussed with MEPs. It is left open to the students to decide what is the issue that they consider important for European integration and on which they would like to express their point of view.
Deadline for application is March 26. Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: "When Can('t) We Trust Our Moral Intuitions in Distributive Cases?”

23. marts 2012 kl. 3pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Alex Voorhoeve (London School of Economics) who will present an article on reliability of moral intuitions in cases, which involve difficult tradeoffs.

Læs mere

New Media - New Journalism?

23. marts 2012 kl. 10.15

Open Seminar with Adrienne Russell Læs mere

The Notion of Crisis Rhetoric

15. marts 2012 kl. 14.15

Amos Kiewe, Professor; Department Chair Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University, USA Læs mere

Workshop: "Mind, Consciousness and Body."

09. marts 2012 kl. 9.00

Joint workshop of Center for Subjectivity Research and the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)
Participation by invitation only Læs mere

CESEM Seminar: Policy Implications of Limiting Immigrant Concentration in Danish Public Schools

09. marts 2012 kl. 1.15pm

CESEM organizes a seminar with Simon Calmar Andersen (Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University) who will present his article on student composition and performance in schools.

Læs mere

Arab Spring and European Fall - promoting democracy abroad while fighting crisis at home

09. marts 2012 kl. 09:00

Recession dominates European politics, while democratization is the hot topic when debating the Arab Spring. Can the EU handle domestic problems and financial crisis while at the same time contributing positively to the democratic, economic and social changes in Northern Africa and the Middle East? Will the EU seize or miss a defining moment in history? Læs mere

Instituttet holder temadag

06. marts 2012 kl. kl. 13.00

Den krop-umulige sundhed: Humanistiske perspektiver på sundhed
- kan ses direkte Læs mere

The Message Counter-Attacks the Medium: McLuhan, Heidegger, and Greenberg

01. marts 2012 kl. 14.15

Lecture by Professor of Philosophy Graham Harman
Læs mere

Dokumentarisme og kreativitet

29. februar 2012 kl. 10.00

Mød Ib Bondebjerg og instruktøren Max Kestner i samtale om dansk dokumentarisme Læs mere

Mød ministeren

23. februar 2012 kl. 15.00

Debat med uddannelsesminister Morten Østergaard
Læs mere

Michael Wheeler: "Thrown Machines: in Defence of a Heideggerian Cognitive Science"

23. februar 2012 kl. 13:15

Lecture by Michael Wheeler, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. Læs mere

Religion and Cultural Belonging in Contemporary Europe

22. februar 2012 kl. 10:15

Guest-lecture and workshop with Prof. Dr. Kocku von Stuckrad Læs mere

Understanding Schizophrenia. Investigations in Phenomenological Psychopathology

13. februar 2012 kl. 10:00

Public Defence of Mads Gram Henriksen's PhD Thesis "Understanding Schizophrenia. Investigations in Phenomenological Psychopathology". Læs mere

Happy 20th birthday internal market - crisis, growth and global competition

02. februar 2012 kl. 15.00 (doors open at 14.15 and close at 14.45) to 16.30

Debate-meeting:How can the internal market contribute to secure growth in the EU, improve the Union's global competitiveness and maintain and create jobs in Europe? Læs mere

Frédérique de Vignemont: "Are we so egocentric after all?"

01. februar 2012 kl. 13.15

Lecture by Frédérique de Vignemont, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris, France.
Læs mere

Mediatisation and European Integration

27. januar 2012 kl. 14.15

Inaugural lecture by Professor Hans-Jörg Trenz Læs mere


19. januar 2012 kl. 16:00

Hvilken plads indtager Europa i europæiske borgeres hverdag? Hvordan defineres en mulig europæisk identitet? Og hvilke interaktioner foregår mellem borgere og politiske institutioner på nationalt eller europæisk niveau?

Disse spørgsmål vil blive drøftet under en debat om Europas tilstedeværelse målt i synligheden af Eurosymboler i København. Dette er aktuelt, ikke mindst fordi Danmark har fået EU-formandskabet i januar 2012.

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CEMES Grants. Call for applications

15. januar 2012

CEMES has a small pool of funds available for applicants Deadline is 15. January.
Please read the guidelines for applications for grants.
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